Essay Writing Tips That Will Make You Write Like A Pro

When you think about essay writing, it might be hard for you to grasp the small differences between a good paper and a great paper. To achieve the latter you need to demonstrate your command of research abilities and writing skills. In combination the two show the reader how you can create and process independent thought on a given subject. Say, for instance, you are writing an English essay, instead of just writing about what hundreds of students have written before you may want to show how you have a different perspective and as such deserve to have your work read as a contribution to the discipline. The following are some great tips that will show you how to write an essay like a pro:

Tip #1) Understand what it Means to Research a Topic
Research is a proactive part of writing a great paper and you’re not going to do very well in any topic if you don’t commit the time to learn the topic forwards and backwards. When you search for something on the web you must be careful that the information you repeat comes from a reliable source. If not, you have to dig deeper to find information that DOES come from a reliable source. Additionally, you have to spend several hours in the library looking up resources that are current and speak to your specific topic. You are expected to be a kind of authoritative figure on the matter.

Tip #2) Develop Your Thesis Draft before You Write
Most students will procrastinate because they simply do not know how to start an essay. They try to come up with a perfect thesis and wind up staring at a blank sheet of paper or a blank screen for hours without having created to build on. You aren’t going to get your thesis down perfectly on the first try, but you can get a draft down to guide the rest of the writing.

Tip #3) Get that First Draft Out of the Way Confidently
Don’t worry about getting the correct essay format when writing the first draft. Students also have the tendency to spend too much time thinking about their first draft without accomplishing anything. Just start writing. It’s as simple as that. Get the words down confidently and you’ll have much more content to work on when you come back to conduct your revision.

Tip #4) Prepare to Print Each Draft for Careful Review
You probably already know that you should plan to write multiple drafts before getting to a final draft for submission. Part of the process of reviewing and editing is to do so with the paper in hand (not on the screen). If you look at well-written essay examples published in journals, you’ll come to realize that there is some very high-level reviewing and editing going on. This can only be achieved if you print out each draft and mark up the page with corrections.

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