How to Choose Narrative Essays Topics

Examinations in most schools and colleges involve the writing of narrative essays. It’s one of the most crucial tests that teachers use to not only evaluate the overall potential of their students but also their creative skills. For this reason, in order to create an excellent narrative essay, one needs to have impeccable diction. In addition, the choice of a particular topic also plays a major role in the general outcome. To aid you in writing a brilliant narrative essay, here are some basic tips you can implement.

The Story Telling Aspect?

Narrative compositions are always written and presented as stories. They give you the chance to show your perspective on particular events in your life, share your past experiences, or describe how you attained success in a particular area. In general, this is a story from the writer’s past that impacted his or her future, relation with family and friends, or personality. Perfect narrative essays are normally based on what has happened to you in reality as opposed to imaginary stories.

Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Writing a college essay can sometimes feel overwhelming; nonetheless, here are some helpful guidelines that’ll aid you to come up with incredible creative work.


Childhood is a time in the life of a person in which he or she undergoes life-changing experiences. During this period, children are typically naive and always get into ridiculous circumstances. Recalling some of those memories can provide you with great essay ideas.

Feasible Childhood Essays

  • The most remarkable birthday party
  • Our first trip to Europe (or any other major city abroad) with my parents
  • My Favorite childhood game
  • My childhood inspirational figure


Once you’ve written a couple of essays, your creativity and style of writing will improve. A great thing to note when writing these essays is always remembering to capture both positive and negative experiences; this tends to be an excellent way of capturing the reader’s attention.

Feasible Experience Essays

  • The first time I fell in love
  • The most horrifying moment of your life
  • The most remarkable day with your family
  • The biggest disagreement I had with my best friend


Writing an essay that concerns morality is always sure-fire as they usually tend to arouse a lot of curiosity and interest among readers.

Feasible Morality Essays

  • How I conquered kid bullying at school
  • The hardest decision I had to make
  • How to change people’s perspective on racial discrimination?
  • My perspective on Euthanasia

Narrative Essay Topics for High School Students

Just like any other university or college, high school students are also required to write narrative essays based on a variety of circumstances.

Feasible High School Narrative Essays

  • How my teacher and I became friends
  • How I learned time management in school
  • The first school function I took part in
  • The teacher I look up to
  • The most embarrassing moment I had in class


Choosing a good story plays a huge role in the quality of a particular piece of writing; thus, be sure to go for a topic that you’re deeply passionate about. 

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